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Zan-Mag Magnesium
Zan-Mag Magnesium
Zan-Mag Magnesium
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Having the proper levels of magnesium in our body is the key to healthy nerve and muscle function.

The problem is that most adults don’t get enough magnesium from their diets and this can cause restless legs, muscle cramps, twitching eyes, anxiety, an inability to relax, and plenty of other unwanted symptoms.

We created Zan-Mag Magnesium supplements to help you enjoy healthy and renewed energy levels, better nerve health and muscle function, and a healthier metabolism.*

Zan-Mag Magnesium

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  • Highly Absorbable
  • Supports Heart, Bone, And Nerve Health 
  • Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements 
  • Promotes Digestive Health 
  • Increases Rest And Relaxation 
  • Doctor Formulated


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Supports Nerve Heath & Muscle Function
Highest Grade & Most Absorbent Magnesium Supplements
Free of Harsh Chemical, Irritants, & Dyes

Free of Harsh Chemical, Irritants, & Dyes

Start your Journey to a Pain-Free Life

Order a bottle of Zan-Mag Magnesium
Take 2 capsules daily
Enjoy maximum, lasting relief
Why are your products more expensive than others?

QUALITY! You get what you pay for in life. Don't settle for CHEAPER and INFERIOR products that offer underwhelming if any relief. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten! Your search for “the ONE” perfect foot cream is finally over! Knowing that you can own one of the THOUSANDS of units sold, you can trust many before you!

How much A or N-Kalm do I use at a time?

Because these products offer superior absorption, most clients use a quarter to a half-dollar size amount of the topical on their symptomatic areas as needed. External use only.

Can I use A and N-Kalm together?

Yes! We strongly recommend that you use A-Kalm in the mornings on your symptomatic areas for relief and use N-Kalm at night on the same areas. This will allow you to have a better day by reducing your pain, muscle spasm and nerve symptoms. The N-Kalm at night helps to improve circulation which reduces swelling and helps support healing in those areas.

*TIP: If you want quicker results and absorption, be sure to put the products on immediately after a shower or bath.

Why are your products superior to other brands and competitor products?

At Zana Nutrition ALL of our products are formulated by a Doctor who has successfully treated thousands of patients who were suffering with chronic pain. Each product is custom-tailored with our clients' needs in mind and ONLY the best ingredients and in the proper researched dosages (no more and no less). All of our products are fast-acting, long-lasting and contain zero Parabens and Sulfates. We do not use any harsh chemicals, irritants or dyes. Our Money Back Guarantee speaks to our confidence in our products helping you find the relief you deserve.

Why should I subscribe to Zana Products?

There are three reasons to subscribe:

1) Save money

2) Save time (“set it and forget it”)

3) Most importantly, to help maintain your relief from from nerve pain, muscle aching/cramping, arthritis, joint pain or the inability to sleep. This means that you can continue doing the things that bring you the most joy without being limited by pain. With a subscription we will happily deliver your products directly to your door every month, so that you never run out. There's no obligation, and you can cancel or modify your subscription anytime.

Can I talk to a real person?

Yes, we’d love to talk! We are a U.S. based company and excellent customer service as well as meeting our customers needs is very important to us. Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday, between 9am and 6pm. You may reach us at 866-725-3337 or email us at

Are these supplements safe to take?

Yes. All of ZANA Nutrition’s products have been used by thousands of people both safely and effectively. Our supplement line is the premier pain relieving and health promoting brand carried by dozens of physicians nationwide. When in doubt, please verify with your primary physician.

What do the topicals smell like?

A-Kalm has a very mild and soothing menthol scent and N-Kalm has a very pleasant cinnamon scent.

Will Zan-Zzz make me groggy and in a fog the next morning?

Nope. Unlike other sleep aids that use way too much melatonin, ZAN-ZZZ's uses a very specific blend of ingredients in researched dosages to effectively help one rest, relax and sleep without causing the typical side effects of headaches, grogginess, mood swings and lack of deep “REM” sleep. Try it today and experience the relaxation and sleep you deserve.


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t experience a significant decrease in nerve, joint, or muscle pain, we’ll refund any purchase within 30 days.