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Our Healing Collection

  • N-Kalm for Nerve Pain
    N-Kalm for Nerve Pain

    For those suffering from Neuropathy causing tingling, cramping, restless legs, and more, N-Kalm is for you. A topical, non-greasy cream created to support healthy circulation and muscle relaxation. 

  • A-Kalm for Arthritis and Joint Pain
    A-Kalm Arthritis Cream

    For those suffering from arthritic pain, such as muscle aches and joint pains, we’ve created A-Kalm. Designed to support healthy joints and muscle tissue, this topical cream helps promote healthy blood flow, while easing tension and discomfort.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine for Healthy Nerve Function
    Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine for Healthy Nerve Function

    This unique formula combines three potent nutrients that help support healthy nerve function and the body’s natural ability to heal.

  • Zan-Mag Magnesium
    Zan-Mag Magnesium

    Zana Nutrition's Zan-Mag® Magnesium provides a mix of two bioavailable forms of magnesium. Magnesium is an important mineral critical for supporting healthy energy levels, muscle relaxation, nerve function and various metabolic processes.* This form of magnesium uses a superior formulation of magnesium which offers superior absorption and utilization within the body.

    This product also contains Vitamin B6 which has been shown to promote the cellular uptake of magnesium, leading to more bioavailability and absorption.

    Contains 180 Veg Capsules 

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“We use Zana Nutrition’s ALA/Acetyl-L-Carnitine for all of our neuropathy patients. Being a very busy office, it is important that we work with a reliable company who delivers superior products. We have been very pleased with the quality of Zana’s products, their great customer service, and their clinical efficacy to help us get our patients results. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Cartwright

“My patients having some form of nerve damage, blood sugar imbalances, circulation issues, or a combination of them all. It wasn’t until I came across Zana Nutrition’s Alpha Lipoic Acid that I not only noticed faster results but also decrease in pain level for my patients almost immediately. This product, in my professional and personal opinion, is second to none.”

Dr. Hubbard

“I use Zana Nutrition products in my clinic. The ALA has a great formulation that includes the correct amounts of key nutrients that helps with peripheral neuropathy. N-Kalm is a powerful cream for those seeking relief from neuropathy and restless leg syndrome. Also, I recommend A-Kalm cream for the relief of body aches. Highly recommend this brand, outstanding quality!”

Dr. Frontera

Meet Dr. Matthew Christenson, DC, BCN, RTP

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