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Nutritional Supplements to Support Nerve and Joint Pain

Our formulas help promote healthy joints, nerve function and muscle relaxation so you can live pain-free!


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Our Healing Collection*

  • N-Kalm® for Nerve Pain
    • Excellent support for Restless Legs, Neuropathy (Nerve Pain), cold feet/hands and Muscle Cramping
    • Support health blood flow/circulation for healing
    • Pleasant cinnamon scent
    • Amazing Moisturizer
    • Strong, Effective, Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting Relief
    • 100% Paraben and Sulfate FREE
  • A-Kalm Arthritis Cream
    • Excellent for Joint/Body Pain and Muscle Aches
    • Mild and Soothing menthol scent
    • Amazing Skin Moisturizer
    • Superior absorption using Camphor
    • Strong, Effective, Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting Relief
    • 100% Paraben and Sulfate FREE
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine® for Healthy Nerve Function
    • Powerful combination of the top 3 vitamins and nutrients shown to support neuropathic relief
    • Excellent Antioxidant to help fight inflammation
    • Superior Nervous System Support Formula
    • Advanced Doctor Formulation
    • Highly bioavailable
    • Safe and Effective nervous system support
    • 100% powerful and unique combination
    • Works when competitor products don’t
  • Zan-Mag® Magnesium
    • Highly absorbable form of magnesium
    • Necessary mineral for over 300 reactions in the body
    • Necessary Mineral for proper heart, bone and nerve health
    • Promotes healthy bowel movements and digestive health
    • Supports Rest and Relaxation
    • Advanced Doctor Formulation
  • Zan-ZZZ's®

    Zana Nutrition's Zan-ZZZ's combines a superior formulation of ingredients shown to support a calm and relaxed mood, as well as promoting a healthy night's sleep. 

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